Leading the Way - The BHS Campaign for Innovation

Leading the Way : The BHS Campaign for Innovation

  • We have launched a major effort to provide the curricular, extra-curricular, and facilities enhancements to make this vision a reality. Leading the Way: The BHS Campaign for Innovation is a historic effort to provide the resources necessary to propel the BHS education to the next level. Through this momentous project, we seek to create two core facilities:

  • The Innovation Centre

    This will be a new purpose-built facility for Science, Math and Technology. It will include five science labs (including robotics), an innovation and creation space (fab lab), a digital library and resource centre, an Entrepreneur Centre, a Leadership Centre for Girls and more.

  • The Arts Wing

    Space in the Butterfield Centre will be repurposed to centralise the Visual, Music and Dramatic Arts. It will include large Visual Art studios, incorporating sculpture and digital arts, classroom and studio space for Drama (including a Black Box Theatre), and classrooms and practice rooms for Music.

BHS has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change the future trajectory for its students.  Years ago, visionary philanthropists built the campus that enabled us to provide an excellent education for today's leaders.  Now, it is your turn to help create what is needed for the next generation - innovators of tomorrow, who will shape the future of our island.

Why is the Leading the Way Campaign so exciting to BHS staff?

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Campaign Progress - Campaign Goal: $10,000,000

  • 75%funded
  • $7,473016pledged
  • 237Gifts

Campaign Chair - Pamela Ferreira P'95

  • Alumni Division Chair

    Laura (Butterfield) Cutler '82

  • Board of Trustees Division Chair

    Mariette Savoie P'06, '08, '11

  • Corporate Division Chair

    Brian Quinn P'20 '23

  • Leadership Gifts Division Chair

    Jennie Lee O'Donnell P'17, '18, '21

  • Parents & Grandparents Division Chair

    Rachael Barritt '93, P'25, '29

  • Staff Division Chairs

    Mary Faulkenberry P'01, P'11; Julie Gunther '88; Lorri (Cooper) Lewis '81

Campaign Booklet

Campaign Booklet

If you would like to learn more about "Leading the Way", please click on the link below to view the Campaign Booklet.

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