About BHS

BHS is an independent, International Baccalaureate and Round Square School providing a world-class education for students from EYP through to Y13. BHS is all-girls’ from the Early Years Programme until Y11, and co-educational in Y12 & 13. Our mission is to educate our students to the highest international standards and to foster confident, resilient, and responsible global citizens, and the overriding school motto is “Inspiring Excellence and Leadership”. External examination results consistently speak to this excellence year after year, and are a testament both to the students’ focus and hard work, and to the quality of teaching staff at BHS. Beyond academics, students are exposed to global thinking, compassion, social consciousness, sustainability, smart risk-taking and teamwork which shapes them into balanced, productive citizens poised for success.

At BHS, girls take centre stage. For more than 120 years, the school has focused on educating girls in a tradition of excellence. Today, in that tradition we continue to challenge our students to become skilled, confident, compassionate young women. Strong female role models, reduced societal stereotyping in the classroom and learning opportunities that encourage students to pursue their interests all help to create an inspirational learning environment where girls develop the skills and confidence to excel and lead.

BHS was founded on a vision to provide a better future for girls in Bermuda, and has always been forward thinking. BHS was the first school for girls on the island, the first school to offer the IB Diploma Programme to young men and women, and is the only Round Square School in Bermuda. With the launch of the Leading the Way Campaign for Innovation to build a 14,000 square foot Innovation Centre for Science and Technology and renovate existing space for the Visual and Performing Arts, BHS is continuing the legacy it started in 1894, and firmly establishing itself as a pioneer in education in Bermuda.