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A School for the Future – STEAM at BHS 

BHS launched its Leading the Way Campaign for Innovation on March 20, 2017, raising funds to build a 14,000 square foot Innovation Centre purposed for Science, and Technology, and renovate existing space to centralise the Visual and Performing Arts into an Arts Wing at the School, as part of its STEAM focus. As of press time in February, the School had raised more than $6.5 million towards their capital goal of $10 million.

STEAM education combines Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math curricula both inside and outside the traditional classroom. The skills and knowledge acquired in each of these disciplines are essential for student success in today’s world; skills like critical and creative thinking, resourcefulness and collaboration, along with specific technological expertise. Schools worldwide are working to raise awareness of these various skills, and BHS is leading the way on STEAM in Bermuda to enhance the education of the next generation of innovators and leaders.

Around the world, girls who obtain a STEAM education not only prosper more than those who have never learned about STEAM topics, but they also improve their communities by providing new technology, economic and educational opportunities. Research has also shown that girls' school graduates are six times more likely to consider majoring in Math, Science, and Technology and three times more likely to consider engineering careers compared to girls who attend co-educational schools. With universities and businesses around the world looking to increase the number of women in STEAM, BHS is best poised to graduate students with the skills necessary to succeed.

Being able to improve the quality of what BHS offers to a higher standard makes giving access to education more meaningful. By offering a higher quality and comprehensive STEAM programme with updated facilities, the School is broadening the potential for a wider educational experience, not only for current and future BHS students, but also for others in the community.

BHS is approaching the integration of STEAM in three ways: curriculum changes, extra-curricular enhancements, and expanding and updating facilities.

When the Innovation Centre at BHS is built, there will be five science labs which will ensure that all Secondary and IB Science classes are taught in a lab and that Upper Primary students also have regular lab experience. Studies show that girls, in particular, need to be able to envision themselves in a role before they can fully consider it as a career choice, and so the earlier that teachers can stoke that sense of exploration and curiosity, the better – BHS wants all of its students to be completely at home in a lab, around robotics and with coding.

As a School, BHS believes wholeheartedly in providing a well-rounded education for all of its students, and a strong Arts programme is an integral part of that philosophy. With the creation of the Innovation Centre, there is the perfect opportunity to consolidate and coordinate the Dramatic, Visual and Musical Arts in a dedicated Arts Wing.

The world today requires that students graduate with many skills – they need to be able to not only think critically, but also creatively, and to communicate these thoughts effectively. Creative subjects benefit not just those who wish to pursue the Arts at the tertiary level, but all students, no matter their passion.

This modern BHS campus will be a place where future leaders in Science, Business, Technology, and the Arts acquire the critical and creative thinking and dynamic problem-solving skills that will catapult them into success in all of these areas. BHS is confident that this initiative will help educate and empower the next generation of leaders in Bermuda. To learn more about the Leading the Way Campaign, visit www.leadingtheway.bm