The Bermuda High School

A Look Back 

The need for change in response to academic demand is in keeping with the School's 120+ year history.


Core Academic and Institutional Values 

"Women are doing wonderful things in Science, and I am thrilled to see that BHS is keeping pace with the rate of change by building a new STEM Centre. By fostering a love and understanding of the STEM subjects, BHS alum will go on to innovate in fields that will benefit not only Bermuda, but may even go on to have a global impact".

Joanna Sherratt-Wyer '93 P'26 - Family Physician


If Mrs. Tucker and the school's early leaders were to step onto campus today, they would spot immediately what makes a BHS student so striking: an undeniable air of confidence, shoulders back, happy and collegial, inquisitive, eager to learn about the world, fearless in asking hard questions, collaborative in their pursuit of excellence and destined to become a global leader.